Warehouse platform carts

We are proud to present you warehouse platform carts. The series of these warehouse trolleys is designed for people looking for savings in the packaging processes in their company. The products we create are used on a daily basis in our customers’ warehouses. Want to know more? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the page below.

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Warehouse platform cart with shelves

Maximum loading space for transporting goods in the warehouse. Maximum load 100 kg on shelf.

Warehouse platform cart with platform

Cart designed carry big packages with maximum weight of 500 kg. The product complies with the standard.

Why is it worth investing in professional packaging storage tables?

Welcome to our page for storage tables for packing. Watch our short video and find out what benefits you can gain by wisely investing in a better workplace.

Why should you pay attention to our products?

A properly secured table top

No matter how much yours employees like to use knives. We will take care of it so that you do not have to replace top for a new one.

Infinitely adjustable accessories

Thanks to smooth regulation accessories, you will be able efficiently adjust the table to the employee and specification of a given process.

Adjustable table top

Table top height adjustment for packing is an important issue, which enables fast adaptation in the system shift.

Durable plastic tops

We can make a table top with thermosetting plastic natural origin which characterized by corrosion resistance, moisture, high temperature, scratches and impacts.

Easy table leveling

Often underestimated a solution that allows leveling the table packing even very much uneven surface.

Solid, durable and durable construction

By investing in our tables, you have insight into the materials they we use for production. You will get information about construction materials like on a plate.

How to order a free offer with visualisation?

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You will receive a free offer with visualization

We will create an offer tailored to the needs of your company.

We will send an invoice pro forma upon request

If you accept the offer, the next step will be finalization of order, by accepting the offer.

Execution of the contract

The final stage is order processing and shipping.

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