RA Construction packing table

The RA Construction packing table is a solution created for shipping work. Extensive accessories allow you to adapt the position in virtually any company. If you often send goods in small and medium-sized packages, this item should be of interest to you. The large size of the tabletop allows you to work freely without restrictions. The upper shelf for cartons allows for convenient storage of a large number of cartons. The height of the shelf and other accessories is smoothly adjustable.

Technical Data

300 kg

Table top strenght

40 kg

Shelves strenght

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Table of content

The most important features of packing table

High stiffness and strength

Durable, laminated table top

Accessories to make your work easier

List of table accessories

Construction materials


Powder-coated steel construction

The color of the countertops

Countertop and shelves

The table top is made of 25 mm thick chipboard, laminated on both sides. The edges of the board are covered with a 2 mm thick ABS coating.

Table shelves are made of 18 mm thick laminated chipboard. We cover the edges with 2 mm thick ABS veneer.

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