RA Construction parcel packing table with metal top

The RA Construction table for packing parcels with a metal top is a solution that is adapted to work with ERP systems. Thanks to the well-thought-out architecture of the station, you can easily plan and efficiently carry out the packing process. Numerous accessories included in the equipment of the packing table will help you better manage the available equipment and materials.

Technical data

300 kg

Table top strength

40 kg

Shelf strength

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Table of Contents

The most important features of the table

High stiffness and strength

Indestructible metal table top

Accessories facilitating work with ERP systems

List of table accessories

Construction materials


Powder-coated steel construction

Top color

Countertop and shelves

The table top is made of 25 mm thick chipboard, laminated on both sides. The edges of the board are covered with a 2 mm thick ABS coating.

In the case of the top used for shelves, the only difference is the thickness of the top, which is 18 mm.

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