RA Construction storage tables for packing

Discover our top-of-the-line packing tables for efficient warehouse operations. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, our warehouse tables offer adjustable heights, ample workspace, and sturdy construction. Streamline your packaging process and maximize productivity with our reliable and ergonomic packing tables.


Here are some egzamples of our packing tables projects and realizations.

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Why is it worth investing in professional packaging storage tables?

Welcome to our page for storage tables for packing. Watch our short video and find out what benefits you can gain by wisely investing in a better workplace.


Prioritize employee well-being and productivity with our ergonomic packing table. Designed to cater to their needs, it ensures comfort, reduces strain, and boosts efficiency, leading to happier and more efficient workers and increased profitability for employers.


Supercharge your efficiency with our packing table. Designed to meet the needs of both employees and employers, it enhances worker productivity, reduces downtime, and drives business growth, delivering optimal results for everyone involved.

Reduce your packaging material consumption

Minimize waste and maximize savings with our packing table. Designed to optimize material usage, it empowers employees to package efficiently, resulting in reduced material consumption and cost savings for employers.

expand you capabilities

Unlock your potential with our packing table. Designed to empower employees and cater to their needs, it allows for versatile and efficient packaging, enabling workers to accomplish more while providing employers with increased flexibility and productivity.

Determine table top size

Table top adjustment

Elevate your warehouse operations with the incredible benefits of height-adjustable tables. Our innovative designs offer three height options, allowing you to create an ergonomic workspace tailored to your employees’ needs. Adjusting the table height enhances comfort, reduces the risk of musculoskeletal issues, and boosts productivity. Give your team the flexibility to work at their optimal level, while also demonstrating your commitment to their well-being. Experience the transformative impact of height-adjustable tables and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Table top adjustment types

Experience the convenience of step-by-step height adjustment with our warehouse tables. With a 50mm increment, you can easily customize the table height to suit your needs. Simply loosen and tighten the screws for effortless and precise adjustments. Achieve the perfect ergonomic setup for optimal comfort and productivity.

Hydraulic - hand crank adjustment

Experience smooth and effortless height adjustment with our hydraulic crank system. Included are four hydraulic columns, a manual pump, and a detachable crank. Easily achieve the desired height with a simple turn of the crank, allowing for seamless customization and optimal ergonomics. Upgrade your workspace with our user-friendly and efficient hydraulic crank mechanism.

Electric adjustment of table top

Electric height adjustment

Discover the convenience of electric height adjustment with our advanced system. Featuring two types of controllers (basic and advanced), four motorized columns, and a control unit, effortlessly customize the table height to your preference. Experience seamless, motor-driven adjustments at the touch of a button, ensuring optimal ergonomics and productivity. Upgrade your workspace with our cutting-edge electric height adjustment mechanism.

Accessories for packing tables

Why should you pay attention to our products?

A properly secured table top

No matter how much yours employees like to use knives. We will take care of it so that you do not have to replace top for a new one.

Infinitely adjustable accessories

Thanks to smooth regulation accessories, you will be able efficiently adjust the table to the employee and specification of a given process.

Adjustable table top

Table top height adjustment for packing is an important issue, which enables fast adaptation in the system shift.

Durable plastic tops

We can make a table top with thermosetting plastic natural origin which characterized by corrosion resistance, moisture, high temperature, scratches and impacts.

Easy table leveling

Often underestimated a solution that allows leveling the table packing even very much uneven surface.

Solid, durable and durable construction

By investing in our tables, you have insight into the materials they we use for production. You will get information about construction materials like on a plate.

What you should know about our packing tables?

Take care of the convenience of your employees

A true leader is well aware of the importance of the above statement. The comfort and safety of employees is an element that we should pay particular attention to. Not only because of health and safety and fear of control, but above all for the good of our team.

The benefits of a well-designed workplace are enormous. The first aspect is the reduction of workplace injuries. We are not concerned with accidents, but with injuries that arise over time. An example of such ailments is long-term back pain, which may result from an incorrectly chosen table top height. An employee who performs his duties on poorly matched equipment puts a strain on his health and does not use 100% of his potential. Let us ask ourselves if we would take care of our duties in a place that is not conducive to work?

The right size of the table top to your needs

Choosing the right size of the table top is also an element that has a very large impact on the quality of work. Our company offers 3 basic sizes of countertops that are available in stock. These are the dimensions: 120x70cm, 160x70cm and 200x70cm. Custom solutions are also available, but from orders over 5 pieces.

The largest table tops for packing tables that we have made so far were about 3 meters long.

Create a better work organization

Better organization is understood as adjusting the workplace in such a way that the work performed on it is performed in the most efficient possible way.

The first step is to develop an action plan. We have to think carefully about how large items we will pack, in what and how. We can plan the planning ourselves or consult our company’s experts. We are happy to share our experience and show you how to approach the problems encountered during the optimization of the packaging process.

In order to ensure better organization of work, it is enough to properly plan the packaging process, and then create a table that, thanks to its functionalities, will allow you to carry out the entire process quickly, economically and safely.

How to choose a storage table for packing in 3 easy steps?

Step 1 - Choose the right size of the countertop

When choosing the size of the packing table top, you can choose one of our standard sizes: 1200×700 mm, 1600x700mm or 2000×700 mm.

If you haven’t found anything for yourself, it’s okay. We specialize in creating custom positions.

Step 2 - Determine the strength of the table

The next step is to determine whether the table on which we are going to work should have a strength of 100 kg, 300 kg (standard) or maybe 500 kg. It all depends on your needs and we understand it perfectly.

Step 3 - Choose accessories for the table

The last, equally important step is selecting packaging accessories that will make your work easier and more enjoyable.

We offer a large collection of gadgets that will definitely speed up packing in your company.

How to order a free offer with visualisation?

Send your inquiry

The first step is up to you. Contact us and tell us about your project.

You will receive a free offer with visualization

We will create an offer tailored to the needs of your company.

We will send an invoice pro forma upon request

If you accept the offer, the next step will be finalization of order, by accepting the offer.

Execution of the contract

The final stage is order processing and shipping.

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Modułowe stoły magazynowe do pakowania dla firm

Stoły magazynowe do pakowania szyte na miarę

Modułowość naszych stanowisk do pakowania paczek pozwala na bardzo szerokie zastosowanie. Wystarczy, że wybierzesz rozmiar podstawy stołu i akcesoria, które chciałbyś umieścić w jego obrębie. Jeżeli wiesz czego oczekujesz od swojego miejsca pracy to czekamy na wiadomość od Ciebie. Jeżeli potrzebujesz pomocy w wyborze, chętnie pomożemy Ci znaleźć rozwiązanie dostosowane do Twoich oczekiwań zarówno technicznych jak i finansowych. Nie wahaj się i skontaktuj się z nami, a my zajmiemy się resztą. Chętnie dzielimy się naszym doświadczeniem, które zdobywamy już od ponad 6 lat działania w branży. Przez okres naszej działalności cały czas prężnie się rozwijamy i dokładamy wszelkich starań, by usługi i produkty naszej firmy spełniały oczekiwania najbardziej wymagających kontrahentów.

Projekt stołów do pakowania

Jeżeli chcesz otrzymać darmowy projekt swojego stołu do pakowania paczek, skontaktuj się z nami i przekaż nam niezbędne informacje. Nasz konstruktor na podstawie przesłanych informacji stworzy rozwiązanie dopasowane do przesyłanych danych, a Ty w łatwy sposób ocenisz czy taka wersja jest dla Ciebie odpowiednia. Ewentualnie szybko naniesiesz poprawki, a my uwzględnimy je przy następnej wizualizacji. Chcesz sprawdzić jak to działa? Skontaktuj się z nami przez formularz kontaktowy.

Co warto wiedzieć o stołach magazynowych?

Modułowe stoły do pakowania paczek to produkty, które zostały stworzone do optymalizacji procesów pakowania w firmach. W zależności od indywidualnych potrzeb klienta, dobieramy rozwiązania, które dokładnie trafiają w jego potrzeby. Dzięki szerokiemu wachlarzowi możliwości oferujemy kilka rozwiązań podstawy stołu oraz jego dalszej rozbudowy. Możesz wybrać interesującą Cię wielkość podstawy stołu, a następnie dobrać akcesoria do pakowania, które wypełnią Twoje miejsce pracy. To właśnie one sprawiają, że nasze stoły magazynowe stają się niezwykle użyteczne, a finalnie niezastapione.

Ile kosztuje stół do pakowania?

Koszt zakupu stołu do pakowania to przedział od 1000 PLN netto do nawet kilku tysięcy w zależności od wielkości i stopnia rozbudowania stanowiska. Cena produktów jest również zależna od ilości zamówionych stołów. Przykładowo dla zamówienia od 3 sztuk oferujemy 5% rabatu, a dla zamówienia powyżej 20 sztuk już 20 % rabatu. W celu uzyskania dokładnej oferty cenowej skontaktuj się z nami.