RA Construction packing table top

The basic element of the packing station is the construction and the table top. The structure is made with care from durable closed profiles 30x30x2 mm, which allows you to work under an even load of 300 kg. The powder-coated structure is covered with a table top, which in the standard solution is made of laminated chipboard. The top is additionally protected against wear and tear depending on the needs of our contractor.

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RA Construction table top protection

If you want to protect your countertop from damage, we have several solutions for you. The first one is the use of galvanized sheet metal, which will protects the surface against scratches of the knife and light impacts. This is just an example. We select the protection of the countertop on the basis of strictly defined customer needs.


Metal table top RA Construction

If you are afraid that the top of your table will be damaged by scratches, its metal version is a product that may interest you. Galvanized sheet with a thickness of 0.5-1 mm serves as a protective coating, thanks to which the surface of the tabletop becomes resistant to scratches and light mechanical damage. The use of a metal table top will provide you with peace, comfort and ease of keeping order. Increase the life of your workstation by using a metal tabletop.

Adjustable table top

As a standard, our products are equipped with step-adjustable height adjustment of the table top. Table top height adjustment in the range of 800-1000 mm Just unscrew the securing screws, extend the adjustable feet, and then tighten the set.  The legs are secured with 4 screws on each side of the table. In addition, the top can be leveled using the included adjustable feet.