Reinforced scale shelf

If you are looking for a durable shelf for table scales, which can be additionally adjusted, we have a product that may be of interest to you. The reinforced structure allows the shelf to be loaded with a weight of up to 150 kg. An additional support allows you to adjust the height, provide adequate stability and relieve the workstation. We make sure that the equipment of our contractors is properly secured. In this case, we decided to use an aluminum protective band.

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What materials are the scale shelves made of?

We use closed profiles 30x30x2 mm, 30x18x2 mm, 25x25x2 mm for the production of the scale shelf. All construction elements are made with care and only using high-quality materials. In addition, we use the sandblasting process and then powder coating, which allows our customers to enjoy the products without worrying about corrosion and mechanical damage. The top of the shelf is made of 18 mm thick laminated chipboard. We cover the edges with 2 mm thick ABS veneer. The end of the shelf support has a leveling foot operating in the range of up to 30 mm.