Where you can find us?

RA Construction Rafał Rozbicki

Business address

Wólka Kokosia 25, 05-307 Dobre

NIP: 822-228-27-18

E-mail: biuro@raconstruction.pl

Contact with RA Construction

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Sales and marketing services

inż. Maciej Ankudowicz
e-mail: m.ankudowicz@raconstruction.pl
Tel: +48 692 413 488

Design and production department

Rafał Rozbicki
e-mail: r.rozbicki@raconstruction.pl
Tel: +48 534 344 924

Sales and product inquiries

How to place an inquiry / order?

An inquiry / order can be submitted by phone or e-mail with the help of the form below. In response to message we will contact you and we will know your needs or in case orders, we will issue a pro invoice form. After paying for we will proceed with the order.

How much does it cost packing table?

In order to receive a quote, please contact us by phone or e-mail. After determining the needs, we will send you an offer price and on time by e-mail.

How we ship our tables?

Depending on the size of the order, We ship packing tables on pallets or via forwarding (by bus or lorry). We ship within Poland and the EU.

What is the average term realization?

If the order consists of standard items that are available in our warehouse it is the delivery date is up to 7 days. In case of the numerous orders that you require individual approach, design and prototyping, the deadline can be up to several weeks.

How long is the warranty period?

All our tables and accessories for them are subject to a 36-month warranty.

Product and Service Support

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