Who are we and what we do?

We are Polish designer and producer of specialized and modular packing tables and storage trolleys. We constantly improve and create products based on the best practises. We listen to our contractors and select the best solutions for them, which save them time, materials and finally money. Our task is to educate entrepreneurs and optimize packaging processes.

Privately, we are a group of friends who share the dream of creating a perfectly functioning company dealing with the optimization of packaging processes. Since 2017, we have been actively participating in creating professional packaging stations for multiple companies. We are happy to share our experience and show our clients the possibilities of process optimization.

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Projektowanie i realizacja na warsztacie towarzyszą mu od lat dziecięcych. Lata doświadczenia zdobyte na warsztacie sprawiają, że Rafał doskonale planuje procesy produkcji. Jego głównym zadaniem jest nadzór nad prawidłowym wytwarzaniem produktów.