Your Workbench At Your Fingertips - See How We Deliver Our Products!

Have you ever wondered how your order gets to your company? We’ve prepared a brief guide for you that will show you how we take care of every detail to ensure safe delivery of our workbenches.

For us, as a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of workbenches, each order is more than just a transaction. It is a complex promise that we will deliver a product that will meet your expectations and serve you for years.

How Do We Ship Single Workbenches?

When you decide and order a single workbench from us, every detail matters. From the moment your order enters our system, to the moment the product is packed and ready for shipment. Well, we strive for perfection.

Single workbenches are shipped on pallets, which ensures their safety during transport. Each table is carefully secured to protect it from potential damage. This is not only our promise, but also our mission – to deliver products that will stand the test of time.

More Workbenches - Greater Responsibility

If you place an order for a larger number of workbenches, we have two solutions to propose. The first is shipping by tarpaulin van, which will ensure quick and safe delivery throughout the country. This is a form of transport that will work for 5-9 workbenches. When we talk about really large orders, the second option, a truck with a trailer, will definitely be a better solution. This form of delivery is ideal for large orders and guarantees that each table will arrive at its destination without damage.

Metal Cabinets - Solidity and Safe Delivery

Shipping metal cabinets might seem problematic, but not in our company. If you add our metal cabinets to your order, you are guaranteed that they will be delivered in the safest possible way. Single cabinets are shipped in a specially prepared cardboard box made of thick cardboard, which guarantees adequate protection against damage.

Regardless of how many products you order, we always deliver them with the care and precision you expect from a leader in the workbench industry. In the case of ordering a larger quantity of metal cabinets, the entire order is shipped on pallets.

Your Workbench - Our Passion

We create workbenches with passion and pride. Each table that leaves our company is proof of how much we value our work and how much we care about your satisfaction.

The mission of our company does not end with the production of tables. We continue it by delivering them to you in the safest and most efficient way. Therefore, when the order reaches you, you can be sure that every element has been carefully thought out, designed, and executed.

Remember that we are always at your disposal. If you have questions about our products, the ordering process, or if you would like to learn more about our delivery methods, do not hesitate to write to us. We are waiting for your message!

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